Summer Pinks

With Summer arriving, it’s time to start thinking about this quintessential Summer colour – Pink!  Spring blossoms have paved the way.

Pastel Pinks….dusty, blush, rose, shell

Sweetpeas by Anna Killgour-Wilson

Dreamy and romantic …….soft pinks exude femininity. My favourite Pink flowers are Peonies and Poppies and Sweetpeas – they woo me with their endless tonal range and shifting nuances of colour. The petals can be surprisingly textural. Even fading pink appeals.

The petals of these Poppies remind me of soft crumpled tissue paper…..tone and texture are exquisitely delicate.


Add a touch of Hot Pinks with the Pastels

Favourite Interior Designer

I love Tricia Guild’s designs. My Floral Art Prints seem to sit comfortably with them, so clients tell me!!  Looking forward to buying her latest book “In My View”…… endless colour inspiration. Flower motifs abound in her fabrics….Peonies and Dahlias are faves. The full voluptuous form of these flowers appeals to designer and photographer alike.

Designer Guild fabrics are available for purchase at Allium Interiors, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand.

  Designer Guild Fabric

Designers Guild Biella Blossom & Peach Duvet

Pink in your Wardrobe

Pink is back!


When photographing pastel toned flowers I underexpose 1 or 2 stops using the EV button – it’s a quick way to change your exposure, whereby you can deliberately over-ride the camera’s recommended settings. Occasionally you have to bend the rules!!

The reason for doing this is because I don’t want to blow out highlight detail – my aim is to preserve true tone and texture of the petals.  Once it’s shot you can’t recapture highlight detail later when editing.  There will be none. But an underexposed flower can be readily fixed in post processing/editing. While the image will look too dark initially, this is quickly fixed by bumping up the shadows and highlights. And voila! Exquisite petal detail will be revealed.