Handbag Camera – Lumix LX100 ll

Recently I bought myself a birthday present :  a stunning compact digital camera – to Anna, from Anna!


I’d been wanting a smaller travel camera for a while, with the intention to carry it with me at all times. As a photographer you’re constantly on the look out. Whether it be flowers, gardens, buildings, people you need to be able to act quickly once you spot something.

So the convenience of this camera is one of its biggest attractions for me. Lets face it, I can’t always be bothered setting up with my large DSLR and fitting appropriate lens, organising tripod etc.

Zoom range is 24-70mm, which is perfect for botanics, streetscapes, portraits, and landscapes and architecture. No need to constantly change lens.

Streetscapes – House and Gardens

I visit Melbourne frequently and one of my favourite things to do is walk around some of the beautiful inner city suburbs admiring the Terraced houses and gardens. Small sections are no barrier to creating flourishing gardens!


When on holiday I often want to photograph people – trips to Melbourne are all about photographing the grandchildren. The zoom lens on my Panasonic Lumix means I can shoot unnoticed sometimes. And spontaneously. Ideally I’m shooting at around 70mm which is the most flattering focal length for portraits. Pics below are about catching the moment. Next I want to shoot random street portraits.


Beautiful trees at Grafton Cemetery Auckland, including exotics and natives. Looking forward to exploring more land and sea-scapes with the wide angle range of the lens.


With a zoom lens and an effective focal range of 24-75mm, this little camera gives a lot of shooting options. 75mm is an ideal focal length for portraits, which I’ll be sure to use in future. Plus a wide aperture to blur the background, focusing more on the subject in my portraits.