Devine Dahlias – Limited Editions

Allium Interiors, Newmarket, Auckland are currently showing my latest Dahlia Limited Edition Art Prints. Each Print is an Edition of 7.  Uniqueness is guaranteed. They are beautifully framed in a black block frame with 35mm spacers – the prints are set back from the glass increasing the sense of depth and enhancing the viewing experience.


Shades of Blush

Featuring the stunning Café au Lait Dahlias in tones of blush and cream, the tonal range is subtle and subdued.

The ambience is moody and mysterious. I often photograph against rich dark backgrounds to create ambience and to offset colour… this case shades of blush.

Blush Dahlia Art Print at Allium Interiors

The appeal of photographing Dahlias is their exceptional form. Petal perfection! The multitude of petals are arranged in amazing symmetry.

In this artwork I have captured three large blooms. The green leaves in the background are NZ Kawakawa. Not exactly what a florist may put with them, but all part of my creative touch! The leaves have an interesting heart-shape. Subtle details which help to build this picture.

The second artwork below is more dreamy – hence the title “Dahlia Dream.”

Dhlia Art Prints @ Allium Interiors

In the cropped center image we can appreciate petal perfection of Dahlias. Then the fading bloom in the lower center of the image and the peek of bud on image right hints at the new flower to come. Flowers teach us so much about the transience of life.

Shades of Purple

In above image I’ve explored a profusion of purples, magenta, mauve and lavender. It’s a subtle layering of tones and form.

Shades of Summer

Summer’s just around the corner and I’m excited about photographing new Dahlias –  they’re a quintessential summer flower and celebrate the vibrant colours of Summer.  Nature is an artist’s constant inspiration!