Dahlias |

Dahlias are a quintessential summer flower with their charming array of colours and form.  Whether delicate or richly toned, Dahlias are captivating. The images below display a varied palette of reds, purples, mauves and cream.  Cafe au Lait is Anna’s favourite pastel Dahlias. It has a delicate palette of rich creams to the softest subdued blush and an abundant form.

The appeal of photographing Dahlias is their exceptional form. Petal perfection! The multitude of petals are arranged in amazing symmetry. Even the smaller Pom Pom Dahlias have the same amazing petal formations.

Often the blooms are large and voluptuous, but they can also stand-alone.  As seen in the gallery below sometimes Anna shoots them en-mass Dahlias to create a symphony of colours.

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