Lockdown Blossoms

One of the good things about this Lockdown (midnight 17 August 2021) is the timing. It’s happening as Spring is arriving!

Blossoms have a universal appeal of uplifting our spirits, and this is especially relevant in times of Covid. It’s a season of optimism and new beginnings hopefully….a post Covid world fingers crossed.

We’re free to exercise in our neighbourhood, and my daily walk is focused on, not how many steps, but where to spot another Blossoming tree.

Cherry Blossom Trees

Flowering Cherry blossom trees traditionally signal the start of Spring. With their mass of tiny flowers they create a spectacular frothy pink “cloud”.  But the beauty is fleeting – a brief two weeks. The blossoms are soon replaced by fresh Spring leaves: the beginning of renewal.


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There’s a current trend to replace exoctic trees, such as flowering Cherries, with natives. Taiwan cherries are now regarded as a pest, because of their invasive nature. But I’m not one who supports their entire removal. The tuis love them, and the bees. And I’m an admirer too!

David Hockney – iPad Blossom Drawings

In 2019, at the age of 82, David Hockney moved from England to Normandy to await the arrival of Spring. The following March, when France went into Lockdown, he began his series of Springtime iPad drawings, using the free app, Brushes. The iPad is similar in scale to a sketchbook, and offers a range of speed, mobility and colour for daily art-making. The colours are joyful : chromatic neon yellow, lime green, blue/turquoise and magenta/violet. To my eye there’s a child-like wonder to them. Below are just 2 of 116 that were exhibited at the Royal Academy, London in May this year. Although Hockney has observed and painted many seasons, he/us are rejuvenated afresh, by these new Springtime paintings.

David Hockney
“No. 88”, 3rd March 2020
iPad painting
© David Hockney

David Hockney
“No. 180”, 13th April 2020
iPad Drawing
© David Hockney