Autumn / Winter

It’s April here in New Zealand and once again Nature is showing me the way. Flowers are becoming deeper and darker in colour and there’s an abundance of moody richly toned blooms and berries to photograph.

Oranges, reds, and terracotta are warming…..

The Dahlias below were shot in early autumn – the petals of the largest Dahlia flicker like dancing fireside flames. The smaller red dahlias echo the element of fire. The orange Tulips remind me of plump pumpkins.


Purples and Violets are serene….

I’m a keen observer of what’s happening in Nature seasonally. Today’s find was this beautiful Salvia leucanthe or more commonly called Purple Velvet. Changes in the garden trigger changes in our interiors!  And I’m now dreaming of new purple bedroom!


Another scene I love when staying at Waiheke Island is the burgundy hues of the grapes at harvest time. And the blues of seaside Hydrangeas deepening to shades of purple or fading to soft mauves.

The single red anemone (last image in gallery below) is like a glowing candle and has a meditative quality. Lighting the candles is a winter ritual for me, as the evenings close in.

Bronze, Rust, and Greens are earthy…..

Hydrangeas take on a new appeal in autumn and winter as the petal shades deepen to earthy mellow tones. Pinks deepen to a soft cranberry. Some petals have develop shades of bronze. The array of colours in any one flower is a constant source of inspiration. It’s as if the flowers are retiring, just as we are too: drawing the curtains as daylight saving ends.  A time of hibernation. Click images to enlarge.

I first fell in love with muted coloured interiors on a trip to Paris in the early 80s : murky mustards, dusky pinks, smudged blues, and mossy greens captured me.

On a personal note I’m an Autumn. For years I scoffed at the idea of getting your colours done! But once I made a few too many expensive mistakes, I took the step! And now know rich and muted tones are for me! I’ve a wardrobe full of cranberry, caramels, nutmeg, mahogany, rust, reds and pumpkin, marigold, mustard and lichen greens.