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About Anna |

Anna realised her love of colour early in life, and her love of photography much later.
By marrying the two, she discovered a visual world of colour, form and light.  


She fell in love with photography in New York in 1979, shooting street scenes with her Minolta Hi-Matic camera. Returning to New Zealand she studied Photography and English, graduating from University of Auckland in the 1980s. In the 1990s she worked as a garden magazine photographer. During the 2000s, she became interested in macro photography shooting exquisite flower detail. Large format macro photography followed as did her shift from page to wall. And so Botanic Photos artworks began.

Fine Art Flower Prints

Currently, Anna is best known for her signature Flower Artworks, which capture the transient beauty of flowers. Using a macro lens she shoots exquisite flower close-ups, and then shifts scale to print over-size. This inter-play of scale is an area of on-going interest. Anna has perfected her shooting and editing skills over many years, and now works in a digital “darkroom” on her computer.

Her images are contemporary flower still lifes. The flowers are often shot against dark backgrounds to enhance tonal richness and offset their unique beauty. Sometimes the image of one flower alone fills the frame to make a hyper real statement. Anna is interested in capturing form as well as colour. Petals hold endless appeal for her with their variety and texture. She loves the sculptural petals of Magnolia grandiflora, the tissue like petals of Peonies and Poppies, and the more symmetrical petal formations of Dahlias.

Her on-going photographic practice is to find new ways to work with flora. The botanical world is her constant source of inspiration.

What Clients Say

“Anna’s beautiful TRIPTYCH of images has added another dimension to the Ronald McDonald House’s gallery spaces. They are warm, accessible yet have an amazing spiritual dimension. Our families find them calming and restful after stressful institutionalised days within the Hospital.”  Beth

“Anna’s CAMELLIA print  has transformed our home. Her photographs capture the essence, beauty and detail of a bloom. Not only is each of her works a masterpiece, she is a true professional to work with, listening carefully to the needs of the client. For commissioned work, her expert design eye ensures that the art and the room are truly in harmony.” Susan

“Anna’s MAGNOLIA print has created a wonderful new focus to our courtyard garden. It’s amazing how it withstands Auckland’s weather. In the rain it gains an added dimension, with the glistening of the raindrops creating a completely new aspect both during the day and under the spot light at night. Thank you so much for your invaluable input with not only capturing the beautifully detailed image but also working out the correct dimensions and positioning of the artwork in the available space.” Carolyn

“Anna’s MAGNOLIA print was the finishing touch in my clinic. Having redecorated, the clinic needed that splash of sophistication. The soft winter white colours of the bloom reflect warmth, and yet present a classic contemporary style. The toning techniques blended perfectly into the space and have complemented the overall ambiance required. Anna, through her professionalism, photographic skill and artistic flare, ensured the artwork met all my needs. Thank you Anna, for producing the perfect image.” Anne

“Anna’s NIKAU print is my absolute favourite piece of artwork. The wonderful bright green and yellow colours light up my small city apartment. It’s the centre of attraction and visitors are drawn to it straight away. It’s like having nature right in the heart of the city! Anna’s photographs make you look at flowers and foliage afresh.”  Lesley

“I absolutely adore the romantic PEONY print, that hangs above our bed in our bedroom. Anna has created such a stunning piece of art: the detail is incredible and it brings a smile to my face every time I walk into the room! The Peony was my grandmother’s favourite flower, and Anna has captured it’s true beauty.”  Sarah

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