About Anna

About Anna |

Anna is best known for her signature Flower Artworks, which she shoots with a macro/close-up lens.

She’d become fascinated with macro photography during the 2000s. It enabled her to capture exquisite floral detail, form and colour. This detail is beautifully retained when she shifts scale to print over-size. Using digital photography editing programmes, she meticulously edits her images to ensure amazing final prints.

In the 1990s she worked as a garden magazine photographer, where she developed her keen eye for botanic beauty.

Anna first fell in love with photography during a visit to New York in 1979.  She discovered a visual world of colour, light and beauty. Returning to NZ she studied Photography graduating from University of Auckland in 1985.

Anna’s photographic practice is constantly evolving. Whatever her subject her aim is to capture the subject in the best available natural light.

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