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Flowers have been Anna’s enduring passion and focus for over two decades. Working first with film and now digitally her botanic photographic practice is constantly evolving.

Currently she is best known for her signature Flower Artworks, which capture transient floral beauty. Flower colours range from soft to sumptuous. Using a macro lens Anna shoots close up to capture exquisite detail and then shifts scale to print oversize. This inter-play of scale is an area of on-going interest and challenge.

Her images are printed as gallery quality Giclee prints in Editions of 5-10. They are output to state of the art 12 pigment technology, using UV archival pigmented inks: true colour, luminance and longevity are guaranteed.

Prints are available for purchase on range of substrates, including the luxurious Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper.

Anna is happy to answer your queries.