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Over the years, Anna has pursued a career photographing flowers, first as a garden magazine photographer then as a fine art flower photographer. Flowers are her enduring focus.

Gradually she has perfected her shooting and editing skills, working first with film and now digitally. Currently she is best known for her signature Flower Artworks, which capture the passing beauty of flowers, from bud to full bloom.

Using a macro lens she shoots close up and then shifts scale to print oversize. This inter-play of scale is an area of on-going interest in her practice.

Her images are contemporary still lifes. The flowers are often shot against dark backgrounds to enhance tonal richness and offset their unique beauty. Sometimes the image of one flower alone fills the frame to make a hyper real statement. Anna is interested in capturing form as well as colour. Petals hold endless appeal for her with their variety and texture. She loves the sculptural petals of Magnolia grandiflora, the tissue like petals of Peonies and Poppies, and the more symmetrical petal formations of Dahlias.

Anna’s photographs are printed as gallery quality inkjet prints, in short Limited Editions. They are output to Canon state of the art 12 pigment technology, using UV pigmented inks to guarantee longevity, true colour and luminance. The resulting print is an archival art print with unmatched tonal range. All prints have a life of 100 years plus. See Specs

They are available for purchase on a range of archival Photographic Art Paper, including Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, and archival Canvas. To enquire about purchasing a print please Contact Anna